Teatime Tea Trays

I actually lose count of how many cups of tea I have in a day and I love teas of all kind: normal tea, camomile, mint, rooibos, fruit tea… the list goes on. Because of my love for tea, I decided to set myself a little pottery project: to make objects to enhance the participation and enjoyment of a great cuppa. I have made a series of tea trays, spoons, jugs and cups. 

 My cups are hand thrown, the tea trays are press molded and spoons hand modelled. Everything has been dipped in white slip and brushed and splattered with underglazes. I’m really into surfaces. I love working quickly. It’s an instinctive and intuitive process of mark making and doodling. I have scratched into the painted surfaces too, this is a ceramic technique called sgraffito. 

I use a clear lead free glaze. This makes everything smooth to touch and durable for everyday use.

NB. Also suitable for coffee!! (sorry coffee drinkers).

Anyway, I’m off to put the kettle on! 

Sarah x