Sarah Monk

I design and make small batch slipware in my Herefordshire studio at Eastnor Pottery, near Ledbury. My new designs, which include a unique selection of bathroom and kitchen ware can be purchased through my online shop or by visiting my studio, which is open Tuesday to Saturday.

When making, my approach is relaxed and playful, and I hope this translates through to the finished pieces. I use a potter’s wheel, slab build and hand model with terracotta clay. Slips are brushed and splatterd. Sgraffito designs are freely etched into  surfaces, making the pieces pleasingly tactile. All creating happens at the wet clay stage. After a biscuit firing I don’t add anything else to the surface except for a simple lead-free glaze.

I took part in the fabulous Digital Craft Festival, March 26th -28th 2021

Visit my  shop here!

As well as designing and making, I collaborate with my husband and fellow potter Jon Williams to offer remarkable pottery experiences from Eastnor Pottery & The Flying Potter. These creative short courses and workshops are open to individuals and groups, all ages and abilities.